7 tips to cure yourself without pills

I don’t do drugs. With drugs I mean pharmaceuticals – the pills.* Autumn is coming and people start getting cold and flu again. It hurts me to see how people react (or don’t) in those cases. I discover myself talking about this topic a lot, so I decided to put my thougths into this post.

First of all – if you have a simple flu or cold, don’t take pills. Most of the common pharmaceuticals (yes, all those nose sprays as well) have only one goal – to hide the symptoms (in other words shut off your body’s defence system) so that you would feel great in, say 20 minutes. The problem is that you have not cured your flu and you start getting the symptoms back in a few days or a week. And then you are supposed to take the pill again. This is the business model, this is how it works – pharmaceutical companies want you to feel that it worked, but they also want you to keep consuming their products. My friend’s family has a respected pharmaceutical factory – they produce the most common drugs (by all the EU laws). He says he would never take any of those pills – he knows what they contain.medium_3196151008

So I don’t recommend pharmaceuticals, but not curing yourself is also not an option. Staying home and resting is helpful, but takes too much time. So here’s what I usually do when I get sick – I take at least one full day off from everything and dedicate myself on therapy only. During that one day I do the following things:

  • Have cold showers in every few hours. What cold shower does is it kicks your body temperature up (aka fever) for a few moments (notice how natural therapy methods help your body’s own defence system rather than kill it) and fever helps to kill the viruses. Viruses die around 40c Celsius.
  • Heat my nose in every waking moment that I don’t spend under shower. I have a special corn bag (a sock full of corn – see the picture) that I heat up in my microwave and then put on my nose. Again this helps my nose fight the viruses faster, and at first it doesn’t stop the nose dripping – the defence system.Corn Bag
  • Have a mustard foot bath about once to twice a day and overall keep my feet warm. The bottom of the foot has a lot of nerves that are also associated with nose area, it’s important to keep them in warm.
  • Drink endless amounts of tea with honey. Drinking fluids is very helpful in case of illness. Also honey is packed with important vitamins and minerals.
  • If I feel like eating, I’ll have a garlic bread (I love it). Usually when being ill, you don’t have much appetite – then you shouldn’t force it either. Trust your body and if you don’t want to eat, then don’t. Obviously the best food when being sick is all the natural stuff that include healthy vitamins and minerals like honey, lemon, garlic, fruits and other.
  • Lay down, sleep and rest. Most of the time I’m in bed. Whenever I feel like sleeping, I sleep. Being sick is your body telling you – you need to rest. Listen to your body and rest.
  • Keep far away from anything digital (or analog). Computer, tablet, phone… Eyes and brain are very influential organs and if you won’t let them rest, you won’t get better. Any moment you spend on even your phone, you will prolong your flu. Don’t underestimate this point!

NB! None of those things is a fast fix. You have to take time to rest and also repeat them over and over. I sometimes manage to get well in 24 hours but that means about 10+ cold showers, ~60 times of corn bag, ~20 cups of tea etc. So it is an extremely intense and active healing but lot of times I’m not that active and take around 2-3 full days to calmly heal. This is obviously no match to a pharmaceutical 20 minute fast fix, but at least you will get well. After coming out of a flu I can literally run naked outside in the middle of the winter and nothing happens to me – my body is now stronger than before and it’s impossible to get sick again for a while. So if you get a flu just a few days or a week after you have come out of the previous one, then this is a huge warning sign.

So don’t do drugs, in long term, they will literally kill you (I know, my grandmother died of those). And when you don’t use them, you also start to understand, feel and trust your body more. I usually feel 2-3 days in advance that I might start getting sick (without any symptoms), so sometimes (if I’m very busy) I start curing myself already, but sometimes I just let it happen – there probably is a reason why my body wants to take a few days off and reboot.

Your body is awesome – trust it.

* Well actually I do – about one pill a year. This is the painkiller pill in case of a severe headache that sometimes comes with flu. It’s because if I wouldn’t take it, I couldn’t also sleep and if I can’t sleep (the main cure for headache) I can’t really cure the headache. So by killing the pain and therefore getting to sleep I can then get over my headache. It is important to understand that this post was mostly about the simple flu. Medicine has still come a long way and there are diseases that could kill you if you wouldn’t take the pills. You need to understand the difference and use your common sense.

PS. Although I have studied Health Science, I’m not a doctor. This post is about common sense (“Talupoja mõistus” in Estonian) that we sometimes tend to forget.

Photo credit: Alex Dodd